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KUSF is dead. Long live KUSF!

The public outcry following the University of San Francisco’s secretive and unilateral shutdown of the legendary KUSF-FM was enormous. A planned public meeting staged by USF on January 20 changed location three times to accommodate the anticipated crowds. Ultimately, the … Continue reading

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Note to Hearst: NY Papers Ready to Pick up Your Bay Area Slack

Having long railed against Bay Area news publishers for essentially ignoring an abundance of important stories and demanding readers in favor of Wine Country ad supplements and lurid screaming headlines, I read with some interest the following item, about the … Continue reading

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Unprecedented: SF Chron (Sort of) Covers a Chemical Spill

I have a little hobby, tracking how the SF Chronicle covers chemical spills. Usually, it doesn’t cover them at all beyond a simple “when and where” blurb … and not even, usually, the what of it, beyond “chemicals.” This always … Continue reading

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Newspapers, El Diaro, and the Crisis of Relevance

Is it really all about courting and serving the overlooked working class? There’s enough conventional wisdom out there about the success of “niche” print publications. Now, take a listen to On The Media’s March 13 interview with El Diaro-La Prensa … Continue reading

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Sacred Cows and Chicken-Fried Steak (or, the Bonfire of Objectivity)

I have provided media and campaign advice to San Francisco mayoral candidate Chicken John Rinaldi, and as a journalist and editor, this raises a few questions. One the one hand, that means I cannot credibly provide “fair and balanced” coverage … Continue reading

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The Chronicle’s Homeless Scandal

As has already been observed in these pages, the SF Chronicle (which, let’s not forget, is stuck in a bit of a grim spiral) is not above scandal-mongering for the purpose of boosting traffic and reactions. We first noted this … Continue reading

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Do You Think It’s “Newsy” Enough?

No comment here, except to note that first covered this story in 2002 (both the Unocal and Chevron angles), reprised it in 2004, and even did a loosey-goosey blog-style overview last week, given the Myanmar crackdown. So, finally, the … Continue reading

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PBDEs and the Promise of Depth Coverage on the Web

Here’s a hobby of mine — tracking coverage of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (or PBDEs, a flame retardant used widely in upholstery, plastics, etc.) by the SF Chronicle and on Backstory: For many years, the chemical has been turning up … Continue reading

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Critical Mass & the SF Press

[Guest commentary,, April 16, 2007] “The Critical Press / Inflamatory coverage of mishap at a bicycle protest boosts paper’s readership” By Josh Wilson, the Web site of the San Francisco Chronicle, last week provided a fascinating look at … Continue reading

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