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Unprecedented: SF Chron (Sort of) Covers a Chemical Spill

I have a little hobby, tracking how the SF Chronicle covers chemical spills. Usually, it doesn’t cover them at all beyond a simple “when and where” blurb … and not even, usually, the what of it, beyond “chemicals.” This always … Continue reading

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Guest Post: “The Argument for Network Neutrality (a.k.a. ‘The Commons’)”

By Jeff Gerhardt, Ronin Geek [EDITOR’S NOTE: Gerhardt, whose early career found him helping midwife the Internet in its ARPA days, says that attempts to portray Net Neutrality as “socialist” are distortions of history. In fact, he writes: The Internet … Continue reading

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[Download a PDF of this press release], a program of Independent Arts & Media, has been selected by the Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation to receive a $25,000 grant in support of the nonprofit, public-interest news service News … Continue reading

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Noted: “A Presidential Commission Won’t Save Newspapers”

Washington Post columnist Howard Kurtz has an interesting item in the paper’s Aug. 17 edition (“The Press Loves a Hero, but … a Presidential Commission Won’t Save Newspapers”), in which he critiques Dan Rather’s call for Mr. Obama to do … Continue reading

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Social Entrepreneurship: A False Promise?

Here’s an interesting parallel to the struggle to advance a new journalism practice: Energy research. The status quo of both energy and journalism are recognized worldwide as desperately in need of innovation. Much, in both fields, is said of the … Continue reading

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