Bound for D.C.

Looks like I will be heading to D.C. in August to participate in a Journalism That Matters seminar in which a large number of media workers, scholars and aficionados will discuss the topic, “What will happen when all that’s left is the journalism?”

I attended a JTM workshop last June at the Media Giraffe Conference at UMass-Amherst, and it was a blast. The event was quite open and welcoming of diverse and productive discourse.

My intent, as always, is to represent and advocate for noncommercial/ad-free journalism as a vital public service that raises the bar for the practice of journalism across the board.

I’ll editorialize at length on this topic later. But in short, the “public media sector” remains grievously neglected, and there’s no way the current for-profit business model will sustain anything except media that meets Wall Street-scale profit expectations. And we all know what follows from that.

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