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New Radio Project Archives

As part of my work with Independent Arts & Media, I produce, edit and broadcast a half-hour radio programs based on Shaping San Francisco‘s marvelous Talks! series down at CounterPulse in SF. The show airs on KUSF-FM on Thursdays at … Continue reading

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To The Wall Street Journal: Eat Your Beans!

A wise man once said, “If you’re eating shit, it’s because you ordered it.” And on that note, there is a peculiar sort of schadenfreude to watching the contortions of the Wall Street Journal and its boosters as that advocate … Continue reading

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Bound for D.C.

Looks like I will be heading to D.C. in August to participate in a Journalism That Matters seminar in which a large number of media workers, scholars and aficionados will discuss the topic, “What will happen when all that’s left … Continue reading

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Reporters in the Post-Privacy Society

So I was chatting with pal Virgil about the fact that we are entering a post-privacy society, and that in the future, when specks of nanocamera dust saturate most every public and private venue, we may have to let go … Continue reading

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…. The More They Stay the Same

Writing in Slate magazine, Jack Shafer notices that perhaps, maybe, the best way to run a news operation is to lower one’s profit expectations. He examines some 1972 editions of the NY Times and Washington Post, noting an overall high … Continue reading

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